Recipe #22: Dalwhinnie Fruit Scones

What is it?: Boozy, fruity, delicious scones

Occasion:  Band of Bakers ‘Baking with Beverages’ event

Photo by Naomi Knill

Photo by Naomi Knill

I have to confess, these were not actually my contribution to the recent Band of Bakers event, but Ollie’s.  However, I did help to make them, so I can include them in this list (my blog, my rules!) My own submission was a chocolate pecan tart by David Lebovitz, which contained a hefty shot of rum.  I had decided on this almost as soon as we chose the theme, simply because I love it so much.  Originally, Ollie was not going to bake due to a lack of time however, late last night, as my pie was resting on the kitchen side, he decided that actually he did want to bake something after all.  With the shops closed and my eyelids drooping, we pulled out Short and Sweet and started searching through the stained pages for something containing booze.  Dan seems to love alcoholic baking as much as I do, because quite a few of the recipes are heavily spiked.  Ollie wanted to make the alehouse rolls, which I vetoed due to lack of time, and I wanted him to make the rum cake, which was also vetoed due to a lack of ingredients.  Just as we were about to give up and concoct a basic coffee and walnut from the storecupboard, we stumbled across the Dalwhinnie scones.  Knowing what a complete whisky fiend my boyfriend is, these were perfect.

These fruit scones contain a not unsubstantial 75ml of whisky – three shots to you and me.  Unfortunately we do not boast a bottle of Dalwhinnie as part of our home bar, but we did have some Irish whisky kicking around from St Patrick’s Day, which we decided would do just as well.  For this recipe, you first soak the fruit in boiling water for five minutes and then soak it overnight in a heady mixture of the whisky and some dark soft brown sugar.  The next morning, up you get and bake the scones using this as the ‘wet’ ingredients (along with a little milk).  I have a kind of love/hate thing with scones, as I have mentioned before, but I find Dan’s recipes work better than any I had found before.  I was feeling confident……

We decided to bake these scones in miniature and lessened the cooking time accordingly.  On coming out of the oven, they had the delicious bready smell with an unmistakable hint of booziness.  They rose beautifully and had a shiny crust with a fluffy interior.  The soaking of the fruit gave it a juicy plumpness which gave the scones an extra level of moistness.  With a generous slick of salted butter these were delicious.  The Band of Bakers certainly agreed and these were devoured very quickly.  I would love to bake them in their intended size and add them to a very decadent afternoon tea.

In other news:

Band of Bakers first birthday is approaching with a very special event… watch this space!

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